«Where is the text here, you ask?» Note of Julia Soldatova by textinart.wordpress.com

I will answer: look narrowly! The text is everywhere, every work of Brat is filled with text to the brim. However, it is at once difficult to understand what technique the author uses. I will explain: the material that the author uses is glossy magazines and water. We can not read the text, because in fact it does not exist. However, in the works of Pavel Brat, many meanings can be found, based, at least, on ideas related to the media.


The artist in his works uses the themes of religion, iconography, the history of culture. A classic story combined with a modern bible — a glossy magazine that expresses the interests and beliefs of modern man give birth to a fantasy for the viewer.

Subtext, context and water transform former words into pages into an art object that no longer tells us anything concrete, but carries a lot of concepts. As the author himself explains, «circles turn into haloes, a mass of magazines, bound inside them, into the center of the holy spirit and corruptible body.»

Pavel does not choose magazines, is not subject to ideas of garbage processing, but even involuntarily choosing a means adds additional meaning to the works.

And what can you see?

© Text by Julia Soldatova, textinart.wordpress.com

© Foto by Pavel Brat

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